100% Dance Co

Article by: Melissa Dy

Anchor: Bernice Delos Reyes

Cinematographer: Angelica Cucueco

Editor: Rinzin Alling

The best dancers make their dances seem easy. Yet, the more effortless the movement looks, the more time and sweat was put into the performance preparation.

The members of Dance Company have had to choreograph, learn, and practice 17 different dances in three months. It is grueling work, as dancers must work in a fast-paced manner to be ready in time for the annual 100% Dance Company showcase on April 20. On this day, the dancers can finally unveil all their hard work and leave the audience breathless with their grace and talent.

Every year, the dances all fit into to a central theme, and this year the dances will be focused on the theme of holidays and occasions. The dances can range from upbeat and cheerful, like the Christmas dance performed by the underclassmen, to eerie and scary, like the Halloween dance. There are also sultry dances, like the Valentine’s Day dance, which will be choreographed to the song Earned It by The Weeknd.

What makes 100% Dance Company unique is that, true to its name, it is 100%  choreographed and performed by the Dance Company members, putting a lot of pressure on the dancers. “We need to be able to choreograph our dances quickly and learn fast to be able to move on to the next,” explains Dance Co member Shin Yee Tan. “Since the show is 100% Dance Co, we are all each in several dances so it is a challenge to remember the choreography for every dance while learning new choreography”. However, she adds, “I think it’s really cool that I’m not only a dancer but I have the chance to take on the role of choreographer” as well.

The event gives the dancers the opportunity to explore different genres that they may be unfamiliar with, and to learn from and collaborate with the other Dance Co members. Liana Samson, a member of Dance Co, says, “because we don’t usually get a chance to perform around 17 dances on the stage, it is a great opportunity for us as performers to have a showcase like this. It also allows us to collaborate with one another and show the different styles we can dance”. While preparing for this event is certainly a demanding and challenging task, the ability to work with the other members can “make choreographing and learning different steps a fun and unique experience,” adds dancer Mandy Qua.

With all the assembled talent in this year’s Dance Company, 100% Dance Co is surely not an event to be missed.