Behind the Scenes

Saturday services enable the ISM community to give back in a fun way by meeting the service partners, bonding with the grade and learning new things. But the process behind these events is quite tedious and more complicated than one may think.

Before any action takes place, the grade level council or the service group must have a meeting to discuss the possibility of a service trip and, if it pushes through, the finer details. Such details include which areas should be used, the ideal amount of students needed, how and what food should be provided, and many more. Once this is established, there is then the promotion – groups then spam ISM assemblies and Facebook with posters and announcements, urging people to come.

Concurrently, another person must get the dreaded Green Form, something that causes PROs tired legs and out of breath, for this requires them to run around school collecting signatures from various people. On this Green Form, the details to the trip, such as the time and place, must be stated and a paragraph must be written on how the service event would be beneficial to the four pillars of sustainability: nature, society, economy and well-being. Once the signatures are all collected, the Green Form is submitted to Principal Brown

One could see why this process is “hassle” to those who need to submit the Green Form.  While there are many who would hate the idea of running from the ground floor of the MS wing all the way to the third floor of the HS wing, filling out the Green Form actually benefits students. Jinny Park, PRO for KASAMA club, states that after filling out the form, she “truly understands the demanding process” behind service trips and “appreciate them more.” She also states that it makes her “more responsible” and allows her to “communicate with a few of the powerful teachers”.

So to all those going to a trip: remember the demanding process behind the event and appreciate it more! To treasurers: enjoy the chase because you will not have the opportunity to do such a thing other than in high school.