Eat Bulaga! My Foreignoy

Article By: Emmy Nam

Anchor: Bernice Delos Reyes

Cinematographer: Brian Molloy

Editor: Steve Molloy

Eat Bulaga! is the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines and has recently become widely known in the ISM community as two of our very own sophomores, Ben Carden and Tom Morris, appeared on the show. Tom and Ben were chosen to participate in one of the show’s segments titled My Foreignoy, where “pure foreign men who are Filipinos at heart compete against one another in the second season of this contest. Contestants show their Filipino culture-inspired talent, say hard-to-pronounce Filipino words correctly, and act a scene using the given word. There are two contestants each day.” Through Ben’s Justin Bieber good looks and Tom’s charming Filipino impressions, they have both garnered quite a fan base.

Both Tom and Ben got onto Eat Bulaga!, because an agent had approached them, recommending they appear on the show. They decided to do it because they saw it as an opportunity to go on live TV, meet hot models, and “earn pera to put it in their pitaka.” Despite partaking on the show for fun, Ben Carden even advanced to the weekly finals. Even though Tom and Ben had to perform some embarrassing dances and songs on TV, they both enjoyed being on the show because it was a completely new and different experience. Their participation on the show has definitely opened more opportunities in the future for them, as agencies have approached both Tom and Ben about appearing on different TV shows and modelling for clothing stores.

Since Tom and Ben have appeared on Eat Bulaga! and become mini idols, they’ve been considerate stars by keeping up with their new fans; Ben even made a new Twitter account for them to follow his daily activities (you can follow Ben Carden at @cardenben328)! When asking classmates of Tom and Ben about how they felt seeing their friends on TV, Brendan Huehne expressed, “their head size increased tenfold! I mean, it’s ridiculous. But even though the bragging is hard to bear with, I guess it’s kinda cool.” Now, ISM students can say they were classmates with Philippines noon-time variety show foreign stars featured on the My Foreignoy segment, so make sure to get their autographs while you can!

Overall to sum up their memorable and unique experience, Ben Carden stated, “From an exponential increase in facebook likes to the harassing messages [we’ve received from other ISM students], Eat Bulaga! really diversified our knowledge about Filipino culture and television. It was great to be a part of the longest standing noon-time shows in the country.”