One Direction Takes Manila

Article By: Ayla Ahmed

Photo By: Isabel Ayala

In July 2010, the world was introduced to what has grown into one of the world’s most popular boy-bands; One Direction. After auditioning for the X factor as solo candidates,  Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson were grouped together by Simon Cowell, kickstarting a long career of destined stardom.

But what is it about One Direction in particular that makes them so successful? Like all boy-bands, their fanbase is predominantly made up of young teenage girls- making looks a huge contributor to their inconceivable success. When asked about the secret behind their success, junior Ysabel Ayala told Bamboo Telegraph, “Besides the fact that they’re all gorgeous, they just seem like really great people. They seem like good friends plus they can all sing so they just feel approachable and genuine- basically, a lot of fun.” Fellow junior Liana Samson adds, “One Direction is different from other boy bands because they dont usually do the typical boy band stuff like dress the same color or execute perfectly timed dance moves.” So perhaps it is this approachable, laid-back image that enhances their popularity in the music industry today.

Just this March 21 and 22, One Direction came to perform live in Manila, where the fan-base was so big that they required not just one, but two concerts to satisfy the Filipino crowd. When asked about what she enjoyed about the concert, Ysabel told us she “definitely loved their bright personality and their ability to connect with the audience. They’re always able to ask interactive questions- plus their stalling is hilarious”, further emphasizing how their unique energy and interaction with the audience is a huge contributor to their success.

At the end of the concert, Ysabel told us that, “According to One Direction, the Philippines was a lot more lively and energetic than other countries!” So what is it about the crowd here in the Philippines that garners such compliments and ultimately, made this concert such a success? Having attended the concert, sophomore Sophia Lapus told us, “I think that the crowd was so excited and ready for the concert since One Direction has been a band for about 4 years and this was their first show here”, highlighting how perhaps the crowd’s energy could be attributed to the fact that they have been waiting for years for One Direction to perform in Manila. Sophia sums up and describes the experience by saying,“The whole crowd was dancing and singing the entire time. It was more of a party rather than a concert since everyone was simply having a great time!”, thus showing how One Direction’s distinctive audience involvement and positive energy situates them as the most popular boyband today. It’s no wonder Manila wanted more.