5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Wanderland

Compiled by: Maxine Alindogan

Over the past couple of weeks, social media has been flooded with posts that either obtain the hashtag #coachella or #nochella. The hashtag refers to whether the author of the post was able to attend one of the most highly anticipated music festivals called Coachella in California. Being in the Philippines, one can come to the conclusion that the more common hashtag used in posts uploaded here was #nochella. But why ponder over an event that is 11,000 kilometers away when the Philippines has its very own music festival just 3 days from now? Here are 5 reasons you should go to Wanderland:


1. Great Musical Acts

The musical performances this year have experienced an upgrade from last year’s line-up. Artists like RAC, Kid Cudi and the Youngblood Hawke will be performing at this year’s festival.

large_0a41fc8de29a4777c78594f69f26e9e302155eb8(Source: https://www.smtickets.com/event/details?event_id=2964)


2. Meet & Greet Opportunities

Not only are the performances this year going to be entertaining, but performers will be roaming the concert grounds. This gives fans a great opportunity to meet them and leave them looking like this:

Photo #2(Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/beyonce-shocked-kR0S22SGVDm4o)


3. Food and Games

A variety of mouth-watering food vendors and games will be at the festival to keep you satisfied between acts.

Photo #3(Sourcehttp://giphy.com/gifs/hungry-jennifer-lawrence-hZwVU8ExuTuPC)


4. Fashion

Much like Coachella, people who attend Wanderland also take this opportunity to finally use those festival clothes that, by now, have taken the space at the back of their closet.

Photo #4(Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/the-simpsons-hippie-rAoMu8fJ0bsZ2)


5. Downtime with Friends

The last few weeks of school haven’t been the easiest when it comes to workload and what better way to spend time with friends then with great music, food and games?

Photo #5 (Source: http://giphy.com/gifs/summer-coachella-ferris-wheel-rWcINoI2ny2fS)