Season 3 IASAS Recap

Article by: Matt Sicat

Video by: Liah Gomez and Steve Molloy


Girls Track and Field 4th place
Boys Track and Field 4th place
Girls Softball 1st place
Boys Softball 3rd place
Girls Golf 5th place
Boys Golf 4th place
Girls Badminton 5th place
Boys Badminton 3rd place


As third season comes to an end, no one can deny the sheer success of Bearcats across several sports. This season proved to be one of the best yet – with several individual Track and Field athletes returning with medals alongside two medals from softball in Jakarta, a bronze from badminton in Taipei and satisfactory results from golf in Kuala Lumpur.

The girls softball team performed exceptionally well, beating SAS 6-3 in the finals to take home the gold medal. What’s more, the team went undefeated for most of the tournament, losing their only game to SAS in the group stage 8-10. Nevertheless, the girls pulled through and beat them in the final to become the 2015 IASAS champions.

The boys softball team placed third after defeating the home team, JIS, in the consolation game 10-7 to bring home the bronze medal. Ysabel A. remembers one of the most memorable moments to be when Harper S injured his hand but played through it, catching “really fast ones at his face”. In fact, the whole team was playing at there best, “sliding like crazy”.

Bearcat boys badminton at TAS won bronze, defeating JIS 3-2 in the consolation game. Girls badminton beat ISKL 3-2 to place 5th. Sophia M. recalled that the best part of the tournament was “Being able to cheer our team mates on and show the other IASAS schools what bearcat spirit is about” and being “inspired” by other talented players.

Boys golf at ISKL, led by all-tournament recipient Waldo R., placed 4th while girls placed 5th.

Track and field at SAS saw both boy and girl teams in 4th place. However, this was not without several individual bearcat medals and record breakers. One memorable moment from the tournament was when senior Brenden A. won gold for both triple jump (13.04m) and long jump (6.5m). Furthermore, his jump broke the ISM school record for long jump. Brenden wasn’t the only record breaker, as sophomore Molly B. won gold for the 3000m (10:24.80), breaking her own IASAS record, again.

While the IASAS sports for this year are over, this season has been extremely successful for all our bearcats.