Service Spotlight: Carla

Article by: Devesh Rai

There are things that come intrinsically for certain people… For Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the natural ability comes in the form of confounding human walls with the dazzling pace of their feet. For Stephen Hawking, it is his unique capacity to ponder concepts that are light-years ahead of their time. For ISM’s very own Carla, it is a natural and instantaneous compassion for others. For most of us, service is a sporadic presence in our lives; for Carla, however, service is a constant, indicated by the sheer number of her service activities.

For most of us, an ideal Saturday morning involves fluffy pillows and sleeping till lunchtime. Carla, however, enjoys her Saturdays best when she is out, impacting the lives of others in a positive way. She primarily engages in service through her role as PRO in the NKOO (Nayon ng Kabataan) service club.  Carla has participated in almost all the service trips that the club has taken, and has spent several Saturdays supporting the students of NKOO through educational activities such as teaching math and English.  When asked about the organization, she responded, “I really like helping the kids- watching them playing around and being happy somehow makes me happy too!” Apart from NKOO, Carla also takes part in as many service opportunities as she can, going on many grade-level Saturday services trips as well as trips with almost all other service clubs – La Mesa, PAWS, CCV, Habitats for Humanity, and many more. Carla has been engaging in service activities from grade six onwards, which now amounts to a significant five years.

Time, for many, is a double-edged sword. It is often viewed as a balm- pains that are unbearable and overwhelming today are gone or alleviated with the arrival of tomorrow. However, it can also serve to quell the fires of passion and determination, leading us to reminisce about the many “things we believed in” rather than “things we believe in.”  Luckily, for Carla, her passion and resolve to continue engaging in service are as strong as ever. Though being an IB diploma candidate has significantly reduced the amount of time that Carla is able to engage in service, she plans to do more over the summer and after graduation.