Compass Youth Camp: Striving for Sustainability

Article By: Mae Kirkpatrick

As the end of the school year approaches, many students are beginning to search for new summer camps and programs to engage in during the break. This coming June 22-27, the first ever Compass Youth Camp (CYC) will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It’s a unique, new program that offers many benefits for students willing to earn new experiences and become educated in new ways.

Compass Youth Camp is organised through Compass Education, an organisation aimed to “transform learning, thinking and action by students, teachers, administrators, and educational institutions, in order to contribute to building a flourishing and sustainable future for all.” Ms. Paul, a representative of Compass Education, said CYC was organized since “seeing the success schools like ISM have had using systems thinking tools with student leadership, CompassEd wants to make these resources and tools available to a more diverse array of students from throughout the Southeast Asian region.”

Compass Youth Camp will consist of five different modules: workshops, community engagement, simulation, the “uncamped” sessions (with participants planning activities for each other), and action plan development. Students will be able to learn about the many Compass Tools, beyond what is taught during classes at ISM, in order to deepen their understanding about the concept of sustainability. In addition to this, students will also be able to become involved with the local community in Chiang Mai. This allows students to take their education outside of the classroom and apply it to real world scenarios, while simultaneously gathering new experiences in working with another group to achieve a sustainable goal. Students will also create an action plan that can be executed within their own communities, allowing them to bring their education even further than the Camp itself. As quoted by CYC, another benefit of the program this summer is that the “camp is run by youth for youth so you can learn from firsthand experiences of proven youth leaders. If you enjoy it, you can apply to come back next year and help facilitate.” This means it is a camp organized by students, with ISM students Adelle Dimitui, Sofia Contreras ,and Jason Fresnedi soon beginning the planning stages themselves for different modules of the camp.

According to Ms. Paul, CYC is a great opportunity for everyone, especially “students who are passionate about better understanding systems that function in our world and want to learn how to be a more effective change agent in our own community here in Manila and at ISM.” Many students here at ISM who are interested in dissecting global issues, planning service programs, and improving their education and sustainable outlook should definitely look out for CYC and the many positive developments that will result from the camp.