Study Break… in school?

Article by: Joshua Tan

Video by: Rinzin Alling and Brian Molloy

Unlike other schools and some previous years, the study leave for this year’s batch of ISM seniors is a mere five and a half days, as opposed to one or two full weeks.  Many students believe that any less than a week is too scarce to review two years’ worth of IB courses. Other seniors, however, are accepting of the shorter schedule as they think that their preparation time is more productive when spent in school.

Adelle Dimitui, a current senior, imagines a longer break to be more relaxing, but understands that she may not have managed it productively. She feels that a shorter time period given to the seniors would result to “more urgency when it comes to studying at home.” She also points out that being required to attend classes beforehand would place her in an “environment where [she’s] less prone to being distracted” to both the “television and internet.” Moreover, because her home promotes a relaxed environment, Adelle states that she would probably “end up sleeping rather than studying.” Lastly, she mentions the primary advantage of being in school – the opportunity to “ask teachers” if one has “any questions.”

Ms. Kelly Arndt, an ISM teacher, agrees with the opinion of Adelle, saying that the length of the study leave is “about perfect for the students.” This is because it allows students a few days of “breathing room” to “rest, organize, and study without too much time for them to lose focus.” Additionally, Ms. Arndt says that students are more “productive” in class as teachers “can guide discussions, answer questions, and set review,” keeping students in a “school day routine,” rather than having them “stay up late and sleep during the day.”

On the other hand, another senior, Lucas Ramos, feels that ISM should have given more time to the seniors by the additional two days to let them “enter a state of mind that school is done and studying begins.” He states that the freedom of students to “enter school to ask teacher questions” empowers the students to work at their “own pace,” “potentially covering everything they need.” Christina Park supports Lucas’ opinion for she is confident that a longer study leave “would be more ideal.” Being easily distracted by “friends and classmates” in school, Christina prefers reviewing from “one subject to another” in her own “pace and order.”

With IB being one of the most rigorous curricula in the world, ISM students should use their time productively whether at home or in school. Even so, many seniors support Danielle Limcaoco’s statement that the time given will “never be enough!”