Prom Recap

Article by Isabel Quah

Last April 18, the stress of preparations for Prom finally culminated in a memorable evening. Junior-Senior Prom is one of the most anticipated annual high school events and it is not hard to see why. There is plenty to get excited about: the adorable ‘promposals’ that will have even the coldest person thawing out, the thrill of picking out the perfect Prom dress or suit, and the pent up excitement of being all dolled up for the big night.

The night was truly one to remember, especially since it was the first year that ISM Prom was held at the Fairmont hotel. As the traditional venue has been the Intercontinental Hotel for the past few years, many were eager to see the results of the change in venue. Fortunately, the change in venue was not disappointing. The food was to die for, the music had people clambering onto the dance floor, and the decorations were absolutely breathtaking—glittering star projections, and elegant candle-lit table setups nicely complemented the laughter and smiles of memorable moments.

The Seniors were especially in for a treat as the Prom Committee thoughtfully prepared a special slideshow looking back at some of their best and fondest memories, ranging from the various IASAS events, the cherished Battle of the Bearcats, to the social gatherings from over the years during their time at ISM.

This year’s Prom committee advisor, Ms. Dodd, mentioned, “[her] favorite part of the Prom prep was helping make all the invitations” especially as an art teacher. When asked what the most humorous and memorable moment of the evening was, she responded that she enjoyed “seeing Chantal rubbing and rubbing Mr. Dickinson’s face.”

Junior and Prom Committee member Candice Hodges was generally very pleased with the outcome. “Prom committee got a lot of feedback that [Prom] was successful and a lot of fun, and that’s honestly all we wanted: a night everyone could remember for the rest of their life.” Having been part of Prom preparations from the beginning, when asked what her favorite moment was, she claims it was “walking into the ballroom for the first time with ‘Beyond the Sea’ playing in the background.” She continues, “my breath was taken away and I started tearing up because it was so much more magical than I ever imagined.”

Asked about things to look out for next year when organizing the next Prom, Ms. Dodd advises that “as perfect as you want everything to be, sometimes it just won’t and you have to just make the best of what you have control over. Also, don’t sell tickets too early… not matter how cheap they are, people just won’t buy early!” Candice additionally recommends a bigger dance floor to enhance the overall experience saying, “it was a little squished… Haha!”

Overall, Prom 2015 was yet another resounding success and there is no doubt next year’s Prom will be just as if not more successful and memorable as the coming batches continue to build on previous successes.