4th Season Madness

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

One of the greatest revelations of the sports program here at ISM is 4th season training. Though this is not an official IASAS season, 4th season is a period when many first season athletes train in preparation for the upcoming school year. This is also a great time to showcase your skills to the coaches and show how you have improved throughout the year. However, like everything 4th season has its drawbacks too. Let’s discuss the various benefits and challenges of 4th season training at ISM.

M. Feng, aspiring Varsity football athlete believes that 4th season prepares you for the next season because it gives you an opportunity to practice and train with the coaches as well as potential teammates. He believes this training is very effective as all footballers train together. This allows JV athletes to play and learn the game from the legends on the Varsity team. Though some people might say that this work is not worth as you lose it all over the break, Mike believes quite the opposite. He says that if you keep practicing over the summer, the work done in 4th season will help when trying out next year. Furthermore you can hone your skills by joining local teams and playing in the UFL, the local football league that many opportunities to train and play.

Sadly there are many potential risks and drawbacks of training all year around. Many a time have we heard stories about students training over 4th season and tearing their ACL or MCL which precludes their participation in the rest of the IASAS seasons. Furthermore, as IASAS sports at ISM is all year around, 4th season may be a good opportunity to catch up on your school work or even recover from the intensive training all throughout the year. Especially with exams right around the corner, this time may be effectively used by studying or even meeting with teachers. Nevertheless, 4th season can also be very enjoyable and can release the stress especially in as stressful situation as Exam season.

Ultimately, it boils down to our personal decision. There are many drawbacks and benefits of participating in 4th season. It is up to us to evaluate these pro’s and cons and decide whether we want to participate or not.