15 of the Best Photo Memories from Prom

Compiled by: Isabel Lapus and Liana Lopez

From prepping to photo-ops, from eating to dancing, this year’s prom was truly a night to remember. Here are 15 of the best photos that captured the true essence of a night under the Claire de Lune:


1. Gearing up for prom wouldn’t be right without that pre-prom selfie.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.19.43 PM(Photo credit: Mild Chawalitanon)


2. Suiting up

11164815_942093455823935_3081984008585530511_n(Photo credit: Tito Hodgens)


3. When your bestfriend makes you his second date

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.09.45 PM(Photo credit: Sophia De Dios)


4. The MCs owning the night

11159559_1805085319717198_5751647652667294035_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


5. Finding your prom date

11163742_1805083219717408_2807338593410799437_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


6. When this happened

output_6wZw8b(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


7. When your prom turns into a wedding 😉

11140189_1563536370576023_5700166342551251977_o(Photo credit: Life and Stills)


8. Feasting on a three course meal

11151025_1805081539717576_1686385319120400698_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


9. Sharing a laugh

11116526_1805086043050459_5152937470267509011_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


10. Argent rocking the stage

10628248_1805072763051787_3749868467452854447_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


11. Lines for the photobooth were totally worth it

11149306_1805077073051356_3254976029231234852_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


12. A performance that would put Ed Sheeran to shame

10985893_1805073383051725_3543842493904238084_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


13. Jamming out to Iggy

10423294_1805075069718223_6956874766585060211_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


14. Dancing with that special someone

11138568_1805072989718431_7810925964552175965_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)


15. Crowning Prom King and Queen

11174892_1805069846385412_880321337135140273_n(Photo credit: ISM Prom)