Senior Pranks

Article by: Alice Ye

1493444_10152310752052707_1407680983606337803_oAs the school year is slowly coming to a close, the time has nearly arrived for the burned out and weary seniors to depart, but definitely not without a bang. Every year, the senior class is given the unspoken privilege to carry out a prank, or a series of them, on the whole school without being sanctioned. This is infamously known as the senior prank. Usually carried out at the end of the year, they serve to allow seniors to leave a mark on the school as a way to be remembered by those behind. At ISM, they have become something of a tradition.

10014778_10152310749802707_8891228909902629671_oThese pranks can range from minor disruptions to large-scale amusements. Previous ISM batches have transformed the cafeteria into a nightclub, dressed up as the elderly, run down hallways screaming, taped pictures of themselves around school, blocked off certain hallways to underclassmen, covered door handles with petroleum jelly, changed the school bells and written messages on sidewalks in chalk. Each year’s prank is completely and meticulously organised and set up by the senior council, class and advisor in secret.

The Senior Prank is not considered an official ISM school event, as Mr. Brown, the high school principal, explains, “it is not a scheduled activity in the calendar, and the senior class decides on the prank themselves in secret”. It is never explicitly declared as an annual activity and there is no evidence to expect one each year, but the HS administration has prophetically “advised the seniors that anything they do must be carefully planned and follow school guidelines” each year. There are multiple barriers and rules seniors must also follow to ensure there are no long-lasting negative consequences and do not cause serious trouble. The pranks must not “damage property, negatively impact any person or animal or cause financial loss to the school”. Certain non-environmentally friendly items, such as party poppers and excessive use of non-reusable supplies are also off-limits. Students are also responsible for cleaning up anything that happens at the end of the day.

10258761_10152310748577707_4086081908894338303_oDespite these rules, Mr. Brown states, “ISM students, in true bearcat spirit, have been quite creative, clever while within the guidelines, and have come up with appropriate ways to celebrate the end of the school year.” Since the planning for year’s prank is done in secrecy, nobody is really sure what the seniors of 2015 have up their sleeve this year, but Ms. Patrikios, the senior advisor, promises that ISM students can “expect to be reminded of the Batch of 2015 for quite a while”.