The 7 Best Snacks To Study With

Compiled by: Liana Lopez

Exam season, also known as the deadliest season of a student’s life, is quickly approaching. There is no doubt that this time can be mentally draining, especially because of all the studying, stressing and cramming. Here are 7 scrumptious remedies that will fuel any student through these rough times:

1. Muesli 

For all you health nuts out there, whip up a bowl of muesli to keep you energized and motivated.


2. Corned Beef Pandesal

A Filipino specialty that is easy to make and even better to munch on! All you need is mayonnaise, pandesal, corned beef and a microwave to keep it delicious and hot.

Corned Beef Pandesal(Source:

3. Oreos and Milk 

Twist, lick and dunk your way through these stressful weeks! Nothing beats a classic Oreo dipped in fresh milk.

Oreos and Milk(Source:

4. Potato Corner

Whoever said “health is wealth” has clearly never gotten his hands on these french fries. Potato Corner is an ISM favorite that will definitely put a smile on any face.



5. Frozen Fruits

Beat the heat during the month of May with assorted frozen fruits and popsicles. These sweet treats will keep your energy level at 110%.

Frozen Fruits and Popsicles(Source:

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Looking for study buddies? Well you’ve just found yourself two oozing out of your sandwich and their names are Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich(Source:


7. Vegetable Sticks

See a healthier and more productive world through a mason jar filled with vegetable sticks! Top off these crunchy snacks with ranch sauce or hummus.

Vegetable Sticks(Source:


Happy Eating :3