Google’s Project Fi

Article by: Kyle Kim

When wireless and mobile telecommunications were first publicly tested in 1924 Germany, the world was shocked and confused as to how such a technology could exist. During this time period, such advanced technology was considered almost magical as it used a system that was seemingly invisible. This mobile telecommunication system was then publicized and used internationally through commercialization by AT&T in 1946. Today, countries like South Korea and Singapore have connection services in almost every part of the nation. Now this technology has evolved into a system that has gained even larger scope and range.

Recently, the technological conglomerate Google has taken a big step in the industry of wireless communications, and may change the world to a great extent. Google’s step into the industry may in fact change all of telecommunication systems into wireless systems due to the speed and efficiency of the technology. Their recently released project is called Project Fi, which combines the technologies of Wi-Fi signals and cellular networks. The project will start off only with Nexus 6 phones for a set amount of people. The project is set to expand to an even greater range throughout many countries. The system is set at 20$ per month but you are refunded for data that you did not use- whether it be movies, music or other social media applications. Additionally, there is an additional fee of 10$ for every extra gigabyte used.

Students from International School Manila are generally shown to be excited by the new project from Google. Sophomore Akshay S thinks that the change might help with “faster connectivity, and coverage in places that tend to not have signal”. Another Sophomore Jiwon C thinks that Project Fi will allow students and other people “…to carelessly use 4G or wireless connections without worrying about the bill”. Other students to not really mind this innovation and consider it mediocre considering the fact that, as Sophomore Neha N says, “we already have telecommunication systems that work well and fast”.

Considering either opinions, it is clear that the Google project will not be detrimental to everyday society. This innovation may be available in less than a few years to many devices in the Philippines. This can inevitably save the daily struggle of not having wifi in a coffee shop when the wifi at home does not work. In fact, Project Fi can be the one to save and help the struggles of us IB students.