Article by: Gitika Bose

Illustration by: Sung Hee Bae

The much awaited Apple Watch was finally released on April 24, 2015. This extraordinary device may be exactly what is needed to transform the mobile phone industry. You must be wondering: What has a watch got to do with phones? In fact, what is so special about a mere watch? Well, this is not just any watch- it is the Apple Watch, a stylish wristwatch designed to function as a mini iPhone of high caliber.

While the price of this watch ranges from an affordable $349 to a staggering $17,000, the watch is not without its own set of innovative features. Let us begin with the iOS 8, the Apple mobile operating system. It provides a new network of messaging, an intriguing new set of apps, and a foundation to synchronise all your devices. Additionally, “Hey Siri!” will be your new catch phrase to call up Siri, the Apple mobile assistant. On the Apple watch, every command can be spoken and processed by Siri instantly. Sophomore Beatrice Olivera believes,  “A pro to this product is its appeal to fitness junkies – the option to track heartbeat, time workouts, etc. is a big plus.”

However, the iWatch is not perfect. Even with all these wonderful qualities, a grave problem regarding the watch has recently been discovered. It seems that the heart rate sensors- an important feature of the watch- may not work for those with tattoos. Apple has confirmed that the ink from the tattoos blocks the light from the sensors and reduces their efficiency. This might turn into a problem considering almost one in five Americans these days wear tattoos, many of whom may be fitness enthusiasts. Sophomore Melissa Dy was quite shocked when told about this complication; yet, she continues to feel optimistic that “Apple will continue striving to and hopefully succeed in solving this problem.” For example, Engadget reports that Apple has recommended that one “connect to an external heart rate monitors over Bluetooth” to avoid the connectivity issue.

The Apple Watch is an exciting innovation with many prospects for the future. It is reasonable to conclude that the product will soon become more popular and accessible. However, rather than rushing out to get your own Apple Watch, remember to weigh both the pros and cons to ensure that you make the correct choice!

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