La Mesa Watershed and the Eco Council

Article by Sarah Kim

Photograph Credits Ms. Christine Yamanaka

The Environment (ECO) Council is a council that strives to protect our nature and promote sustainability throughout the Elementary, Middle and High school as a whole. Their mission statement is to “involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding the environment”. The ECO Council’s main goal this year was to reduce the amount of waste being produced at ISM. The club advertised this by implementing the rule of reducing 5 pesos off for bringing one’s own containers. They also are the ones who enforce and promote No Impact Week at ISM, which is a week full of conservation and earth saving methods carried out throughout the week.

The ECO Council recently went on a Saturday Service trip to the La Mesa Watershed, which consists of a dam and an ecological nature reserve site that was commissioned in 1929. It aims to provide an area for outdoor recreation and a true forest experience as it is a living classroom as well as a hands on laboratory for myriads of people.  The La Mesa Watershed specifically aims to be a center for biodiversity and conservation.

The ECO Council’s  trip included third graders who were eager to learn about the ecosystems in the Philippines. Joyce Chen, a member of the ECO Council, mentioned that they “planted germinants, which are like seeds, and learnt about ways to find worms in the wild. Then, we took them on a small nature walk around the watershed”, explaining the trip in further detail.

Clara Shin, a senior at ISM added that “by going on the La Mesa trip, which we were able to plant trees, learn about composting and worms, and to tour around the area, we were able to promote environmental sustainability not only for the High School but also for the Elementary School”, revealing their large influence around the whole of our school. Their trip to the watershed not only helped reach the ECO council’s goal to promote sustainability but also helped in reaching the aim of La Mesa as a place to go to for educational opportunities.

Eco Council Service Trip #1 - Credits to Ms. Christine Yamanaka Eco Council Service Trip #2 - Credits to Ms. Christine Yamanaka