Compiled by: Sienna Hagedorn

The boxing match seven years in the making between the Philippines’ fighting spirit Manny Pacquiao and the undefeated Floyd Mayweather was bound to attract attention as the two fought for $200 million and a welterweight champion title. I think it’s fair to say that although the majority of the Filipino population, along with a huge chunk of the rest of the world did not have luck in their favor last Sunday, we sure got a laugh out of the several advertisements, interviews, and tweets which accumulated surrounding “The Fight of the Century.”

1. Mcdonald’s kicks it off with their punny advertisement, attracting loads of attention from Filipino fans wishing to beat the May heat.

2. Jimmy Kimmel admits that he could not get Pacquiao’s new song out of his head and continues to give his own rendition of the boxers new single.

3. His impressive take on the single fastened him a spot on Pacquiao’s entourage where he got to sport this new fashion statement:

4. While the possibly more accomplished singer, Justin Bieber, snagged a spot on Mayweather’s entourage where they celebrated the win.



5. Saturday Night Live gave especially excited fans, the opportunity to catch the live bootleg of the match, and although due to camera distortions, Mayweather appears slightly taller, and Pacquiao closely resembles a white woman, you could say the fight was exhilarating as ever.

6. Twitter was blowing up with all sorts of reactions from fans after the fight on Sunday, some supporting the judges decision whilst others decided to take the humourous route to recovery by placing a cutout of Mayweather’s head onto the body of Olaf the snowman.

7. Some questioned whether Mayweather had known he was in a boxing match rather than a cross country race.


8. But the whole fight can be basically summed up with this short summary of Mayweather and Pacquiao brief but passionate love story

Despite the harsh loss, Manny has still be able to capture the hearts of many with his optimism and determination. Even Mcdonald’s seems to agree.

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