Sophisticated: Class or Pass?

Article by Melissa Dy

Photos compiled by Aparna Mohan

Tears shed, sleep lost, and stress levels sky-high, but the end of year exams responsible for these things have eventually come to an end and what better way to celebrate than with a party?

Every year, the Sophomore Class ends exams week with a cathartic, class-wide party known as Sophisticated. This year, Sophisticated was held on last day of exams in the FAT lobby.

Putting together an event of this large scale entails a heavy workload and many responsibilities which the Sophomore Class Council and Mr. MacInnes, Grade 10 Level Coordinator, shouldered. “Coming into the year,” says Jess Cuadro, Grade 10 Class President, “we already knew that Sophisticated was going to be a big responsibility,” so the council divided up the tasks amongst the five of them. However, selling enough tickets before proved to be the most challenging obstacle, but “we were warned long before that this would happen,” adds Jess. For Mr MacInnes, who was in charge of the financial side of operations, “the main challenge was ensuring value for money.” Mr MacInnes says, “we wanted to ensure that the guests enjoyed an event that was classy, well presented, and lived up to the Sophisticated billing,” all on a tight budget.

So how did Sophisticated measure up to expectations? Sophomores Jamie Wang and Rihoko Sumi both agree that the food was excellent—”I ate eight plates,” Jamie laughs—and that the photo booth, where videos of sophomores were printed out as flip books, was a unique touch. The breathtaking performances from the incredibly talented Selina de Dios and Argent were a highlight for many like Martin Chang and Ale Miñana. “A lot of people went crazy over the mocktails, which were really just juice, no worries,” adds Jess. The elegant decor and lighting were also quite popular, as it “really stuck with the theme and looked sophisticated,” Karen Tokeshi comments.

Of course, every event has things that could be improved. Sophomores have widely agreed that the shortage of seats was a problem, especially for the girls wearing high heels. “Standing for three hours is already challenging enough, but with high heels on, it’s like torture for your feet,” explains Karen. The small size of the venue was also a problem, as “[people] had to move around a lot to avoid being crunched up in a small place,” Sunny Yang adds.

At the end of the day, whatever the venue, the decor, or the food, what Sophisticated is really about is spending time with friends and creating enduring memories to last the rest of high school.