Parent Support in IASAS

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Parents have a tremendous influence in the development and enjoyment of a child’s sporting life, especially in the early years. Instilling confidence, providing emotional support and emphasizing development rather than outcome encourages a child to focus on improvement and effort instead of winning. ISM has often seen instances where parents have cheered their hearts out at  IASAS events at ISM, and in some instances we even see our Bearcat parents in the other IASAS schools cheering the teams on. What motivates these parents to cheer so loudly and proudly?

Sophy M, IASAS football, volleyball and badminton athlete notes that she absolutely loves the presence of her parents when she competes. She claims that IASAS volleyball was her favorite IASAS due to many reasons, one of them being the parent involvement. She believes that having her parents and the ISM volleyball parents watch was extremely beneficial to the team’s success  in addition to having the whole school supporting them..

Furthermore, she believes it is a great motivation to perform if your parents are watching as you want to make them proud. The ISM parents squad was one of the highlights at IASAS volleyball this year. From morning to night the parents would relentlessly support their team, and the group of 20 or so parents were louder than the entire school combined. They drummed their hearts out and sang many creative cheers to motivate both ISM girls and boys team to garner silver medals.

Another athlete, Gabriel A. also thoroughly enjoys the parent support at IASAS. Having recently traveled to Taipei to compete in IASAS badminton, Gabriel’s mother accompanied him on the trip. Gabriel truly loved the parent support as he said that they would rally so loud that they would drown out the cheers of most students. Additionally, he recalls his favorite memory of when the parents would shout random phrases when ISM students won a point. Badminton is a very fast paced sport and can get very intense;however, it is a great stress reliever to hear cheers from your parents corner. Parents epitomize the true IASAS spirit -competitiveness with a dash of fun. However, Gabriel claims that he does feel the pressure when his mother watches as his mom is a also a badminton player. He claims that she would analyse every aspect of his game once it is finished and this would sometimes make him more nervous. However he does say that his mother’s support did help him get through some of the tougher moments in the tournament.