IASAS Soccer

Article by: Josh Miller

Photos by: Mike Feng

Relieving the summer blues and the return to school is easy with the thrills of seeing both old and new friends, new and exciting academic opportunities, co-curricular activities, and sports.

This first season is set to be an exciting one as ISM will play host to the annual IASAS Soccer tournament from October 7-11. It is a timely affair as both the ISM boys’ and girls’ teams will be aiming to end their current gold medal droughts.

IASAS athlete, junior, and varsity soccer player Mark W. is looking forward to the new season, claiming, “Spirits are high (in the boys’ team) and the team believes that it can do well. We just need the fans to come out.” Meanwhile, the varsity girls’ team has definitely upped the ante with new coach, Mr. Richardson coming in to guide the players. Varsity soccer player and junior, Malaika J. believes that the team is “coming back very strong with both returning veterans and amazing new players,” promising a strong and successful season ahead.

In anticipation of the IASAS tournament, the school has pulled out all the stops during our  summer vacation by implementing some exciting new changes to the facilities, including a new set of bleachers beyond the HS track finish line, as well as brand new turf on the HS field.

Athletics- IASAS Soccer - Week 1 (Mike Feng) (1)JV boys soccer coach, Mr. Aitken, praised the updated facilities, telling BT that “the improvement to the field has been great.” Both players and coaches will agree that the new turf promises a higher standard of soccer, with only the best facilities now available at ISM! Coach Aitken believes that the Bearcat teams will perform very well this year and hopes that “the whole ISM community will come out to show their support.”

The IASAS buzz is beginning to take over at ISM with less than eight weeks left until the first match kicks off. As the entire school braces itself in anticipation of such an exciting event, the ATAC department remains calm in the storm of busy IASAS preparations; however, the load of preparations is most definitely a job to be shared among the ISM community. The ATAC department is currently looking for willing students, teachers, and parents to open their homes to house the astounding 160 athletes that will arrive in early October. Make new friends, support the community, and be a part of one of the most exciting events of the year by grabbing a housing form from the ATAC blog or office today!