The 11 New Upgrades to Look Forward to at ISM

Compiled by: Grace Stevens

Always finding new ways to improve, ISM has undergone many renovations this summer. From a new field to more visible signs in the Hallway, these makeovers are definitely better than those of Kim Kardashian. Here are the top 10 upgrades that ISM has gone through over the summer: 


1.New HS Field/Bleachers

Fun fact: According to Mr. Brown, the new HS field is FIFA approved and is built to World Rugby specifications. Hopefully ISM’s home field advantage will help us prevail during IASAS this October!IMG_5936


2. Renovated Science Labs

Bigger, better, safer, and enhanced learning environments! Finally lecture and experiment spaces combined!IMG_5908


3. Addition of Lockers in the Science Hallway

More students equal more lockers. Welcome to the science hallway!IMG_5910


4. Renovated Admissions and Business Office

Mr. Toze personally sacrificed his office space and admissions to accommodate the business offices, making way for ISM’s new modern language hallway. Thank you, Mr. Toze!IMG_5935

5. New Modern Language Wing

This is the first time that ISM’s modern language departments are all located in the same hallway. ¡Fantástico! 好酷! ¡Fantastique¡ 素晴らしいね!환상적인!IMG_5911

6. New Security Office and Uniform Shop

Lost items may be easier to find now that the lost and found along with the security office and uniform shop have been relocated next to Gate 3 pickup.IMG_5914

7. New Cover and Fans Over the Patio Tables

Do Bearcat-themed weatherproof covers fit perfectly with the new matching fans? Yes!



8. New Fencing and Greenery in the MS Courtyard

A greener and livelier space for students to eat and socialize? Yes again!IMG_5920


9) Addition of Tables Overlooking the ES Playground

Need a break from ISM’s rigorous academics? Reminisce about your carefree ES days by trying out the new lunch tables overlooking the ES playground. IMG_5919


10) A New Fountain in the HS Courtyard

No courtyard is complete without a majestic fountain. IMG_5933


11) The Labeling of HS Hallways

HS hallways are now easier for new (and let’s face it, existing) students and especially parents to navigate.IMG_5883

Stay tuned! Mr. Brown hints at an upcoming renovation of the Media Centers, and maybe even a whole new elementary school campus! Can’t wait to see what tops this year’s makeover!