Electric Studio Indoor Cycling: Dare to Ride?

Article by Anugraha Babuji

Illustration by: Sung Hee Bae

In the true spirit of our generation, yet another fad has arisen. Previously, popular activities included Flying Trapeze Philippines, Mystery Manila, and now the new craze is a strenuous, yet highly satisfying and exhilarating full-body fitness experience that goes by the name of Electric Studio. Located in Burgos Circle in BGC, Electric Studio has introduced indoor cycling to the Philippines.

Indoor cycling has been a popular fitness activity in the US that is franchised by the company SoulCycle. The “electric experience” provided at Electric Studio mainly aims to provide a full body workout that integrates optimal movements, music, and motivation. In contrast to a normal workout in the gym consisting of treadmills and cycling, the electric experience involves the use of choreography to strengthen the core and use of weights to tone the upper body, all done while carrying out a vigorous cycling fitness session. Instead of providing fitness sessions for individuals, instructors at Electric Studio organise fitness sessions in classes, where riders can cycle in harmony and work together to complete the session. In addition, Electric Studio instructors and rooms aim to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere with candlelight. This way, riders keep an open and clear mind throughout the workout.

Similar to many other fads of this social age, Indoor Cycling was quickly brought to the attention of Bearcats, in particular Maxine A. (Grade 12) and Sophy M. (Grade 11) – two students who have taken and plan to partake in more cycling classes at Electric Studio. Maxine and Sophy learned about the activity through conversations with their friends and various online posts. Previous to her first experience at Electric Studio, Sophy “was really excited, but [she] didn’t know how tiring it would be.” At first she thought it would be a more laid back workout, but discovered it to be “super intense.” Maxine, on the other hand, was “so nervous” since her other friends found it to be extremely demanding. However, she also claimed that due to the company of her close friend Ysabel A. (Grade 12), she had a much more enjoyable and relaxing  experience. Nevertheless, both claim that it was overall a super fun and worthwhile experience- one that any highschooler* looking for a fitness high should definitely try.

*Please note that Electric Studio requires riders to be of 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult guardian in order to participate (http://www.electricstudio.ph/#/faq)