New Bearcat Coach Profile: Erik Richardson

Article by: Andrea Manalac

Photos by: Ji Young Kim

Athletics_ New Bearcat Coach Profile_ Erik Richardson - Week 2 (Ji Young Kim)At the beginning of every school year, first season athletes look forward to the start of their respective sports, which varies between football, volleyball, and cross country. The opening of the school year also marks the welcoming of several new teachers and coaches to our Bearcat Community. This year, ISM welcomes the fresh new face of Coach Erik Richardson. During the day, Coach Richardson can be found teaching seventh and eighth grade PE and although he does not teach high school students, he coaches Varsity Girls Football four times a week alongside Ms. Dodd.

In previous years, Coach Richardson spent time playing college football as well as some semi-professional league football in the United States. Before moving to the Philippines, he had worked at United World College in Singapore as a teacher and coach. Despite this being his first year teaching and coaching in ISM, it is not his first time being involved in the IASAS community. Twelve years ago, he coached ISKL’s Boys Varsity Football team. In fact, during his first year of coaching at ISKL, the boys won the coveted gold medal at IASAS, which was hosted in Manila. Now, twelve years after his first taste of IASAS spirit, he is very excited to participate in IASAS once again.

Coach Richardson believes that our girls have a lot of potential, which will help them during IASAS. He is very pleased with the outcome of the first girls varsity football game of the school year during Friday Night Lights. He proudly states that the team was “able to score four goals, while not allowing the other team [Faith Academy] to score any.” Not only that, but Coach Richardson also claims that there is “a lot of depth, speed, and definitely a lot of leadership on the team.”

Despite his commitment to the sport, football is not Coach Richardson’s only hobby; during his spare time, he likes being creative with his music skills. He plays the piano, drums, and even sings. When he can, he enjoys playing ice hockey and skiing as well.

With so many skills both on and off the field, ISM is very excited to have Coach Richardson as a part of our community. We are all especially eager to watch our very own Bearcats play in IASAS on our home field this October. Undoubtedly, our new coach will use his expertise to guide our girls to play their best!

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