Top 10 Must-See Foreign Films

Article by: Ahona Salsabil

In the Philippines, a lot of the movies that are available to us in cinemas are those created in Hollywood.  Not a lot of people who reside here are exposed to the melting pot of movies generated in our global film industry. Whether they’re from France, Japan, China, or India, these movies will give viewers a different perspective on life as well as expand the viewer’s knowledge culturally. Here are the top 10 must-see foreign films:

  1. Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale (“Hachiko Monogatari”) – Japanese
    This one is for all you dog-lovers out there. Based on a true story, the movie revolves around the unbreakable bond between an Akita dog named Hachi and his master.  It reminds us that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend and that friendship can last forever.

  2. Miracle in Cell No. 7 – Korean

    Miracle in Cell No. 7
    is a comedy that will definitely tug at your heartstrings. The film follows the journey of a single, mentally handicapped father who longs to be reunited with his daughter after being wrongly accused of a crime. 

  3. The Three Idiots – Indian

    This heartwarming comedy tells us the story of two friends and the crazy adventure that they embark on to find their missing best friend. Their journey, which entails the convincing of a prospective bride to flee her own wedding, barging in on a funeral, and kidnapping a stubborn childhood frenemy, teaches us to believe in our own capabilities and that when things go wrong to put a hand to our hearts and say “aal izz well.”

  4. The Intouchables (“Les Intouchables”) – French

    A tearjerker telling the story of an unlikely bond between a wealthy, physically disabled French noble and his black, ex-convict caretaker, Les Intouchables proves that love and friendship can transcend all social and cultural differences.

  5. Echoes of the Rainbow (“Sui Yuet San Tau”) – Cantonese
    Told through the perspective of an 8 year old, this award winning drama film follows a working family and the problems that arise when their eldest son and track and field star is diagnosed with Leukemia.

  6. Sunny – Korean
    Nami is a new student who is bullied for her small town dialect. Showing us that friendships are everlasting, Sunny tells the story of a group of girls, each one unique, who set off on a heartwarming high school journey with the motto, “If they bully us, we fight back together.”

  7. The Suicide Shop – (“Les Magasins des Suicides”) – French
    This movie is set in a city where people no longer have the will to live. The story begins when a happy child is born into a family that sells everything a citizen needs to take their own life in a small shop.
  8. The Kid With A Bike – (“Le Gamin au Velo”) – French
    Abandoned by his father, an 11 year old boy is left in the care of a kindhearted hairdresser. The film endeavors to tell the struggles that the boy undertakes while trying to accept the reality of his new circumstances.

  9. Studio Ghibli Films – Japanese
    Every film created at Studio Ghibli Film is on point. Here are a few to choose from: Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Prince Mononoke.

    Spirited Away Trailer:

  10. Diary of an Ugly (“Diary ng Panget”) – Filipino

    For all those romantic comedy lovers out there, Diary ng Panget follows the love that develops between Eya, a poor and ugly girl who takes a job as a personal maid, and Cross, a rich and snobbish boy who is her boss and happens to attend the same school she does.