Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Over the past few years, ISM’s fitness gym has grown to become one of the most popular locations for Bearcats as more and more students are seen maximizing the high-quality facilities every day. Almost all of those who work out in the gym do so in order to achieve their personal health goals. However, these goals differ for each person. Some go to the gym to recover from an injury or to get in shape for a sports season while others go to have fun.

One student who has been seen hitting the gym is sophomore athlete Noud V., who recently injured his hamstring. To prepare for pre-IASAS Cross Country, he often does cycling and other core workouts that keep him in shape and speed up his recovery. He believes it is extremely convenient to be able to work out on school premises, free of cost, rather than register in a gym outside of school. However, Noud claims that more upperclassmen use the gym than underclassmen, and he encourages freshmen and sophomores to also to take advantage of the facilities.

Junior football player, Isaiah F., has been spotted at the gym regularly as well. Having recently made the varsity football team, he claims that he owes a lot of his success to what he gained from going to the gym. He recalls using the gym to get in shape for football during last school year’s fourth season and is extremely grateful for the help of Coach Richard Hardin, who gave him workouts and helped him to be the best he could be. Isaiah is not the only student to benefit from Coach Rich’s experience; Coach Rich, often known as the mastermind of the ISM gym, has been a key figure for many athletes. He is an expert in his field and has played a significant role in the exponential growth of ISM’s gym population.  

One of the gym’s most popular visitors is senior Krishna G. He claims to truly love and enjoy every aspect of the gym, but Krishna says that the balance of males and females using the facilities is what creates a great gym atmosphere. Although boys more commonly made use of the gym in previous years, girls have begun using it to keep up fitness levels and train for season sports. Krishna says that he looks forward to the day when there will be more girls than boys and states that he is sure that day will come very soon.

With the growing awareness of good health, ISM’s gym craze has grown rapidly over the years. The combination of high-quality facilities and an encouraging coach has made it a popular place for anyone looking to improve their fitness. Surely, this revolution will continue to take the school by storm.

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