Club Expo Recap

Article by: Grace Stevens

The lofthouse is crammed with colorful chalkboards. Upperclassmen are running around frantically. Posters of all degrees are hanging on the walls. This is the perfect image of Club Expo, a day when ISM clubs search for new and devoted recruits. During ISM’s annual Club Expo, all of the school’s clubs and societies are given the chance to advertise themselves to attract new members. The Club Expo also provides the opportunity for underclassmen and new students to explore all that ISM clubs have to offer. From service clubs to the astronomy club to the various cultural clubs, it is no doubt that the Club Expo provides an opportunity for ISM high school students to get involved.

Of course, sometimes the expo may seem overwhelming. Between the crowds, the yells from different booths to attract students, and the scramble for food, there’s always a lot going on. For freshmen who are still getting used to the thundering masses of high school students, the Club Expo can be startling. Freshman Bryn D. said, “It was really crowded… but I got food and stickers so it was a good experience.” Another freshman, Dani P., said, “I thought it was cool because there were a variety of clubs that would interest different kinds of people. I’m sure everyone would be able to find something that was good for them.”

Of course, we can’t forget all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the Club Expo. Since opportunities are rare for clubs, especially smaller ones, to exhibit themselves to the audience that attends the expo, lots of preparation takes place. All stalls must be running smoothly, and any posters, food, or other forms of advertisement must be organized. In addition, clubs must present themselves in a positive and approachable manner. “It’s very important to smile, and welcome them to the idea of SPECS,” notes Tamiyka A., a junior and one of the SPECS representatives.
One of the favorite yet infamous aspects of the Club Expo is the binge-signup. There are so many choices that it’s difficult to know what you want, and easy to get pressured into joining every club. The best tip upperclassmen can offer: Know what you’re looking for before you enter!