GINila and the Media

Article by: Zaineen Karim

Photograph by: Yoonhee Tian

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Global Issues Network (GIN) is a conference that aims to provide students with the means to solve global issues in a sustainable manner. The Manila GIN conference, or GINila as many call it, took place last week from September 4-5 at ISM. Delegations from Manila-based schools gathered to talk about issues prevalent in Manila and came up with realistic action plans to solve these problems.

This year, media played a huge role in advocating for GINila. After all, the conference would lose a lot of its significance if the public wasn’t made aware of the issues, discussions, or action plans.

Sienna H., the head of the media planning team says, “Media does one of the most important jobs for GINila. Considering that GINila is a fairly new conference, we have focused on laying the ground for future conferences by creating a network of individuals.”

This year, the media planning team is proud to have made a major improvement from previous years by creating an effective strategy to stay in touch with other delegations. “One specific improvement we added this year was a Communication Representative from each delegation. This person is in charge of posting on the GINila Facebook group, updates and progress regarding action plans and other projects related to Global Issues,” says Sienna.

A great deal of effort was put in prior to and during the conference. “We designed the shirts, the logo, set up the website and also created Facebook and Flickr accounts for the event. During GIN, we were in charge of the music, the slideshows, and photographing and taking videos of the event. We also kept the website updated with articles and interviews, and started ‘Humans of GINila,’” says Vandhana K., a member of the media team.

The ‘Humans of GINila’ Facebook page is an effective way to promote the conference and grant the delegates the means to express their opinions on a more personal level.

“We want to give the delegates an experience that is unique to GINila and be able to speak their mind whether it is on the Human of GINila Facebook page or the GINila blog,” explains Sienna.

The website (link: is very impressive. It effectively presents the overview of all aspects of GINila and remains eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also a great way to get people interested in and involved with the conference.

As the media team has done a fabulous job this year, please go check out the website and the Facebook page. GIN gives students the rare opportunity to make a change in society and great opportunities are meant to be seized.