Soundcloud or Spotify?

Article by Kamille Jude

Once upon a time, Mp3 players and Walkmans were considered necessities of the youth. Nowadays, technology has evolved vastly enough to offer us a profusion of musical platforms that the public can enjoy. One of the most recent music applications was iTunes, but the introduction of Soundcloud and Spotify has changed the game for music enthusiasts and dabblers alike.

Soundcloud, whose motto is to let listeners “Hear the world’s sounds”, allows listeners to find underground artists and producers who share their music online at no cost, and with ad-free streaming. Many major studios and recording artists post their music on Soundcloud, such as Zedd, Martin Garrix, and RAC. When tracks are uploaded to Soundcloud, users have the option to comment on the music, which encourages listeners with similar interests to express their thoughts freely. In contrast, the newer trending Spotify only carries major labels; users can choose from today’s top hits or their favorite oldies tunes, providing listeners with a wide range of music. One facet that may make Spotify more appealing to on-the-go users is that Spotify offers users the ability to subscribe to a premium package by paying P129 a month; this enables them to save songs to their device and access them offline, unlike Soundcloud, where internet connection is needed to listen. On both platforms, however, social integration is encouraged, allowing users to create and share playlists with anyone and easier than ever before.

Despite their benefits, does one of these applications provide a better user interface than the other? One of our very own Bearcats, Selina D., who posts her covers of songs regularly on Soundcloud under the username ‘notselina’ says,”I prefer Soundcloud because it gives you the option to upload your own songs.” and that “it’s easier for unknown artists to share their music.” Despite preferring soundcloud, she also argues that, ”Spotify’s mobile version is more convenient.” Another Junior, Nicole C., who is an avid Spotify user, said,” I like the fact that I can easily discover new songs and have the ability to conveniently share them with other people. Instead of having to link them to a Youtube video of a song, I can just add it to a playlist or click the share button.”

From the varying responses, it is evident that although some people might gravitate towards one app more than the other, it all comes down to personal preference. At the end of the day, these two platforms were created for the same reason: to allow music aficionados from around the world to share their love for music and bring people together through their common interests. It’s safe to say that they’ve both been successful, no matter the majority vote.