Gourmand Market, Bonifacio Global City

Article By: Anugraha Babuji

For all food-a-holics, the highly anticipated Gourmand Market may seem as a gift from the heavens. Gourmand Market is a event held on a quarterly basis in which foodies in Manila, and all around the Philippines, have the opportunity to explore and eat food from some of the most accomplished local Filipino vendors. At each appearance of the market numerous vendors present their specialities and give Filipinos the opportunity to taste their local delicacies and comfort food. In addition, this event lasts a duration of 3 days each time it is held in the convenient location of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Central Square.

Who on earth came up with the amazing idea of gathering all of the local loved vendors into one convenient area in one of the most popular areas of Manila? It is none other than Trisha Panlilio of NawweTy’s kitchen, along with friends Dara David Rao and Don Ronquillo who organise this quarterly event. These food entrepreneurs not only aim to attract foodies, but also “families and friends, including kids who choose to spend the weekend tickling their palates.” These quarterly Gourmand Markets have well-organised vendors serve the ideal parts of a meal to individuals; there have specific vendors for meals, snacks, desserts, and even snacks to take home. Some popular vendors include Manong’s Bagnet, Casa Amarilla, The Crazy Cook, House of Roast Beef for the meals, The Baker Bros, LES Bagels, Bundtwagon by Cara for the snacks, Manila Creamery for the Desserts, and Snack Box, Chili Asylum, Take Root, Kitayama Meatshop for snack to take home. From take home cookie dough to Philly Cheesesteaks, these vendors truly bring out the best tastes of Manila in the most colorful and delicious way possible. Alongside this, Panlilio and the rest of the organizers have enhanced the experience for market-goers in the elaborate and extremely cute vendor designs and market set up. Market strollers are not just delighted by the array of food, but the sights of the scene and the soulful jazz music that accompanies it.

Photo by Francine Castillo /Image Source

Some might have saliva gathering in response to the mouth watering food and vendors described above. Luckily, if you want to know where to get heavenly and lip-smacking dishes to satisfy the need of the foodie in you, you just have to find out when the next Gourmand Market will be set up and make your way down. Indulge in the heavenly food and feel like you are on  Cloud 9 at the next Gourmand Market!