Article by: Andrea M.

With IASAS just one week away, first season teams are training harder than ever to prepare themselves for the major three-day tournament. Pre-IASAS was held from September 18-20, allowing the volleyball and soccer teams to have the opportunity to travel to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore respectively to get a sneak peek at who they are playing against this year.

Members of both sports teams came out with positive experiences from this short period of time. Senior Andy Preysler, captain of the girls’ soccer team, says that one of her favorite parts of the competition was “coming out strong with a win in our first game against JIS – scoring three goals, which is probably more than we scored in the entire IASAS tournament last year.” Senior Rafa van den Brink, captain of the boys’ soccer team, enjoyed watching the performance of the underclassmen. He claims, “We went to Pre-IASAS with 18 players and 12 of them were underclassmen. The younger lads really stepped up and had some amazing tournaments.” Senior Isabel Lapus, co-captain of the girls’ volleyball team, says that her highlight from Pre-IASAS was coming in first place against the other competing schools.

Pre-IASAS is not only a great opportunity for the athletes to play their respective sports, but also a valuable learning experience. All three athletes interviewed have spotted the ‘teams to beat’ for this year’s tournament. Andy believes that while her team has accomplished a lot this year in training, ISKL and SAS are always teams to look out for. For the boys team, Rafa believes that ISB and SAS will be the Bearcats’ biggest opponents. Finally, although the girls’ volleyball team placed first during Pre-IASAS, Isabel admits, “I’m nervous and excited to play against TAS since we lost to them last year. They weren’t there for Pre-IASAS, so I’m not sure whether they improved or not.”

For the first time since 2009, IASAS soccer will be hosted right here in Manila! Both Andy and Rafa are excited to be playing on home turf, but are nervous at the same time, and need the Bearcat crowd to push them a bit further. If you haven’t already, please help out by filling out a housing form to host some of the visiting athletes. IASAS takes place on October 7-11 in Manila for soccer, and Bangkok for volleyball and cross country. Whether here on home turf, or away on another court or track, the ISM teams have already made Bearcats proud!

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