10 Best Filipino Dishes

Article by: Devesh Rai

As we traverse through our everyday lives, we feel the urge to eat. When the desire arises, here are some of the best options available for you in the Philippines.



As Daniel J. says, “Who doesn’t love lumpia?” It is a fried dish similar to a spring roll, and the ways of eating it are limitless. It can be made with chicken and coconut flakes as a snack, or with banana fillings as dessert; it is popular both with and without its wrappings. If you want to make a multi-purpose yet delicious food item that can serve you for all meals, the lumpia is your best option!

Chicken Adobo


The chicken adobo sounds Spanish, but it is most certainly Pinoy. For those of you who consider yourselves “vinegar fans” or want to try some Filipino food for dinner, don’t pass up the opportunity of feasting on one of the most quintessential local dishes.



Like ice, milk, a bit of fruit? Have a thing for dessert? Then you’ll love halo-halo.

Chicken Inasal


Sometimes, all we are really looking for is some quality rice and chicken. If that is you, chicken inasal is definitely the way to go!



While the Team Vinegar people flock towards the adobo, Team Tamarind much prefer the tamarind-heavy sinigang, a traditional Filipino stew. This is a dish for those who want something that both tickles the palate and tastes good.



“Taho!” was the response of senior Carla S., when asked about her favorite food item. It is one of the most well-loved sweet snacks in the Philippines, and is found in vendor stalls around the country. The chunks of milky, marshmallowy tofu within it make it especially delicious!



Not to be confused with Karekare, the small coastal settlement in New Zealand, the Filipino kare-kare is a lot more enjoyable – and edible, making it a good choice for lunches and dinners. If you are someone who likes to have large varieties of meat, you are going to love this.



Turon is basically fried bananas. Have you tried fried bananas? If not, what are you waiting for?

Tinapang Bangus


For those of you who prefer your food to come from the sea, tinapang bangus (smoked milkfish) has you covered! It’s a great dish that goes well with anything!



Tapsilog is essentially dried meat (referred to as tapa) such as beef, mutton, or venison, served with rice and fried egg. For those of you looking for a delicious Filipino dish, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Filipino food is often ignored in other countries, but there are clearly great dishes that everyone should try. Are you hungry? I am.