Article by: Kamille Jude

Photo credits to Timothy A. Clary: Getty Images

The man bun: one of the newest up-and-coming hairstyles of 2015 that has been seen everywhere from the red carpet to the streets of Manila. Now, what is a man bun? This is when a male has enough hair to pull back into a small bun just below the crown of his head. This trend, although not new to 2015, has only accumulated more recognition over the course of this year. Perhaps this can be due to the hairstyle being sported amongst celebrities such as David Beckham, Leonardo diCaprio, and Harry Styles. But just as with other hair trends out there, such as mohawks and mullets, opinions for or against the trend fluctuate tremendously among the general public.

Various websites such as Buzzfeed have posted articles pertaining to this issue such as “20 Man Buns That Will Ruin You For Short-Haired Guys” and “19 Pictures That Prove Man Buns Have Gone Too Far.” Its omnipresence has sparked various responses, leading society to the question: yay or nay? In hindsight, hairstyles are used to convey one’s personality and allow people to feel a sense of individuality amongst large groups of people, but ISM definitely has a spread of perspectives. When asked why he chose this questionable hairstyle, man bun enthusiast and wearer, junior Raj H., said,“I wanted something different and when I was a kid I had long hair down to my hips. I love the feeling of tying my hair and conditioning it.” Raj certainly enjoys the additional duties that come with this hairstyle, as most guys don’t really have to worry about conditioning their hair regularly. It takes a certain daring personality and dedication to explore unique hairstyles like the man bun, but some don’t deem it as rewarding as Raj does. When Raj’s girlfriend, junior Lauren S., was asked how she felt about his hair, she said that she “[doesn’t] feel too positively about it.” Evidently, people lean one way or another when such a daring hairstyle comes into play.

Overall, hairstyles can be used as a form of self-expression, and they allow people to feel a sense of nonconformity. Our external features do not overshadow our internal facets, and we should always keep this in mind when we worry about which haircut to get. In the end, the man bun may have its ups and its downs, but remember: do the hair-do that works for you!

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