BOB 2015: Unlike Any Other

Article by: Gitika Bose

Photo credit: Isabela Gatmaytan

Speak to any ISM high school student a day after the Battle of the Bearcats, and expect to receive a hoarse reply from their sore throats.  Although cheering for hours without a moment of rest left everyone exhausted, no one could deny that BOB was a memorable day filled with spirit, teamwork, and dedication. From sports to arts to video games, students from each grade level are given the opportunity to showcase their varied talents and compete against each other. Furthermore, each batch must create t-shirts and props, as well as a cheer, for the much-anticipated opening ceremony.

One of the many highlights of BOB is the much-coveted Spirit Award, which is awarded to one grade level each year. This year, after much deliberation, the seniors who chose to “reign” were given the award. Most years, one would not be surprised at such a win; however, as the juniors proved themselves worthy competitors after their tie with the seniors last year, the batches were in close competition this year. In fact, tensions were rising days before BOB with the “Pre-BOB banter” on Facebook. When almost all 200 juniors changed their cover photo to show the start of the revolution at exactly 20:17 PM, the seniors decided to retaliate with a heartwarming video titled “Long May We Reign.”

Mir Sultan, member of Senior Council, reflects on winning BOB as, “almost a surreal feeling because everything we had worked so hard for, everything we lost our voices for, everything we had dreamed about was right there in our arms.” One may conclude that it is easy or natural for the seniors to win, but Mir admits that “after some unimpressive performances over the years, [the seniors] were in a position where many of our students had lost all hope. This pushed us very hard and made us work to the best of our abilities.” Some other seniors believed that after hearing the juniors’ powerful cheer on the day of BOB, they felt the need to amplify their efforts. A cheer can be made better with props and instruments, but at the end of the day it can only be the best when every student in the a batch participates with full determination and enthusiasm.

The juniors, who were defeated marginally, showed similar spirit after BOB had ended. Despite their disappointment, it was a chance for many to bond and show their true class spirit. BOB had still been a chance for them to showcase a true revolution and captivate the other grades with a riveting cheer. Junior Ahona Salsabil commented that “it was amazing to see the class of 2017 unite and achieve so much together.” Similarly, the freshmen and sophomores, who still have a few more battles ahead, showed great enthusiasm and reflected on the day with pride.

Despite only one batch receiving the award, the freshmen did light the night, the sophomores continued to illuminate, the juniors marched in with a powerful revolution, and the seniors proved that they will forever reign.