Top 10 Things to Do Over October Break

Article by: Candice Hodges

October break is fast approaching, and some Bearcats may be wondering: now what should I do with all this free time? Don’t you worry, as BT has some perfect recommendations for you. Here are the top 10 things you should make time for during this break.

1. Catch up on sleep!

ISM Students are no strangers to late nights of typing up essays and lab reports, so let this break be the perfect opportunity to get that recommended 8 hours of sleep! In fact, why not be an overachiever and sleep well past that?


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2. Be a part of the art at Art In Island

Have you ever wanted to be in a piece of art? Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid or take a picture with Olaf from Frozen? Then check out Art in Island! With an entire building of “3D” art pieces, there will definitely be plenty of opportunities for photo taking, and perhaps a new profile picture!


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3. Get Organized

We’re not just talking to-do lists here. Take this opportunity to get ahead on your school work. Tumblr has plenty of “studyblr’s” to take inspiration from! Get a new notebook and rewrite the theory of cell structure in color-coded pens. Print out some calendars and plan out the months ahead. Make a study group with friends and draw out a timeline for the Second World War. Particularly for seniors, this would be a useful thing to do.


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4. Be at one with Sherlock Holmes

Mystery Manila is the perfect opportunity to tap into your inner detective while bonding with your friends. Bonus: Make it a competition and see who can solve the mystery fastest.


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5. Eat with your hands

Use your hands to eat some traditional Filipino food. Gather your barkada and check out Gerry’s Jeepney in Maginhawa street for an interesting dining experience. Book in advance to eat inside one of their actual Jeepneys! Just don’t confuse boodle fight with food fight…


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6. Catch up on your TV shows, or start a new one!

Fall is the beginning of everyone’s favorite shows. From Shondaland fanatics to Ryan Murphy enthusiasts, there is a show out there for everyone. But be warned: starting a new show may lead to an incurable addiction.


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7. Take a spin class at Electric Studio

If you’re staying in the Philippines, why not use the break to get working on your fitness? Hit the gym for the gains, or try group classes like the ones at Electric Studio to step up for cardio game.


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8. Learn a new recipe

Cooking and baking are life skills. With the wonders of the internet, learning how to bake leftover Halloween candy brownies are just a click away! Alone, or with friends, take a day to learn how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookies, or get creative and learn how to make the perfect vegan enchiladas. The only limit is your imagination (and the extent to which your kitchen holds up).


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9. Get festive

In the Philippines, Christmas season comes early. Malls are already playing Christmas carols and Christmas trees are already on display. Why not follow suit and get ready for the coming season with decorations and christmas cookies?


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10. Slow down

In the midst of the school year, we frequently forget to put “down time” in our iProcrastinates. Use this break to help balance parts of your life that might have been missed in this first quarter. Have a great break Bearcats!

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