Learning2 Asia

Article by: Gitika Bose

Learning2 is a conference that is created and run by teachers from various international schools. The aim of the conference is to ensure that all participants, including the teachers, students, and facilitators, are equally engaged and contributing to the overall learning. From October 1-3, a Learning2 Asia conference was held at ISM. The focus of the conference was the role of technology in learning and how one can better the way technology is used in a classroom. With the help of some fruitful workshops, students and teachers from schools all over Manila met at ISM to gain insight into each other’s perspectives.

Ms. Paul, who helped coordinate student workshops and presenters, was amazed at the diversity of the workshops. For her, “the most profound take-away from the conference though was realizing the sheer vastness of the network of innovative and resourceful teaching professionals in Asia that can serve as a resource for me and other teachers far into the future.” Further, she explained that, “the highlights of the conference were certainly the creative, dynamic L2 talks (TED style talks) shared by some of the conference leaders- including ISM students Jason Fresnedi and Mir Sultan. On topics ranging from robotics and video games to leadership and the brain of a TCK, they were inspiring and thought-provoking.”

Vasudha Maddali, a senior at ISM, was a student leader facilitator for this year’s conference. Her role was to assist students in planning and executing their workshops. She claimed that “the highlights to the conference were definitely the interaction between the students and teachers” as they proved quite meaningful. It is not often that students are actually given the opportunity to present so freely with no fear of being judged or graded!

Beatrice Olivera, a junior at ISM, was one of the many talented student presenters to hold a workshop about robotics, an exciting topic by itself. She focused on the uses of makey makeys, an instrument commonly used in robotics that can turn everyday objects into touchpads. Her goal was to use hands-on activities to engage the teachers in her presentation. Beatrice shared, “one of my favorite moments was when the group of BSM teachers couldn’t stop playing with the makey makey. They worked together and played dance dance revolution for 15 minutes.” She was particularly excited by the switching of roles and was hopeful that her presentation would be interactive enough to engage the teachers.

Presentations are never easy. Conducting a workshop for the people you look up to can be an intimidating task. Regardless, both students and teachers accept that the conference was worth the effort. It was a profound experience and the knowledge gained was nothing short of enlightening!