Can ISM Tennis Continue their Gold Medal Streak?

Article by: Abhi Kottamasu

Second season is now in full swing and after a history-making first season for the ISM athletes, in which the Boys Soccer team won the first IASAS gold medal in 28 years, the Bearcats can only wait in anticipation for what our athletes will accomplish next. This includes ISM’s IASAS Tennis gold streak.

ISM’s Boys Tennis team has a 4-year gold streak and the Girls Tennis team one-up’s them with a 5-year gold streak. ISM has been one of the most dominant teams in IASAS Tennis in recent years, and each year the team comes back stronger. Having hosted IASAS Tennis twice in the last three years and winning both times, the Bearcat community has somewhat become used to the team’s success. However, some overlook the effort it takes to maintain such success. In fact, most of the tennis players are not seasonal athletes and play all year round. At school, they train three times a week and often play local tournaments on the weekends. IASAS Tennis athlete Jessica Z. even trained over summer with the United States Tennis Association to hone her skills. When asked if she was worried about the pressure of maintaining the streak, she said that the players focus on each game they play rather than the ultimate goal. In addition, she says it is “all about having fun”.

Another Bearcat tennis athlete, Riki O., who won an All-Tournament award in IASAS last year, states that the boys team mainly focuses on gameplay and cardio. He also claims that they frequently participate in the newly coined “Cheah workout”, named after the new tennis coach, Ms. Cheah. However, they balance this out by playing numerous fun activities. Riki also claims he is very confident about maintaining the gold streak as the team only lost one senior last year. Furthermore, with the addition of some great freshman, he believes the team is as strong as, if not stronger than, last year’s. As for the other IASAS schools, Riki is sure that they have been working hard and is excited for the tough competition that awaits.

Considering how hard our Bearcats work, it is no surprise that they have been so successful in the past. We are sure that with their diligent efforts, they can replicate their success and hopefully continue the gold streak. We wish our Bearcats well in their training as IASAS approaches!