Morning vs Afternoon Practices

Article by: Josh M

The recent successes of the school’s JV and varsity teams can be attributed to many factors, including the talent and determination the athletes possess, the insights and skills the coaches bring, and the quality of the school’s sports program as a whole. However, it is easy to forget that success often comes with long hours spent on the court, on the field, or in the gym. The blood, sweat, and tears shed are not to be overlooked and the students’ commitment to their training is just as, if not more, important than how well they perform come match day.

Up until recently, most sports teams have held training sessions solely after school. However, Manila played host to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conferences on November 18 and 19, which resulted in the cancellation of after-school activities throughout the week, including the regular practice sessions of second season sports teams. Varsity teams and head coaches found a small solution to this problem by scheduling a Wednesday morning practice before school in order to prepare for the forthcoming Pre-IASAS exchanges. As one might expect, this announcement was greeted with mixed reactions primarily comprised of groans and complaints.

Interestingly enough, however, is that morning practices are not completely new to the school as the swimming teams have conducted regular morning practices for years. Varsity swimmer and junior Isabel G. thinks that despite the fact that getting a good workout before school leaves her in a great mood for the rest of the day, “having to wake up to cold water early on Wednesday mornings!” reminds her that it’s not all fun and games.

On the other hand, Senior varsity tennis player Liana S. was surprised by the announcement as the introduction of morning practices was completely new to the tennis teams. Liana, however, thinks that it’s a “great opportunity to show how committed the teams really are.” She shared that it was a refreshing start to the day, but that the early physical exertion made it “really difficult to focus in class later on in the afternoon.”

Varsity Touch player, sophomore Tara H., was “not very impressed at the early start at first” but actually “liked it even more than afternoon practices.” She states that juggling academics and sports became easier as she had more time to do her school work when she got home. She also claims she is willing to have more Wednesday morning practices in the future but points out that “waking up at 4:30 in the morning on other days would be way too early.”

Although the idea of morning workouts will initially horrify most, perhaps the positive feedback and insights of fellow students will help others embrace the possibility of permanent morning practices in the future.