The Change from Family Fun Day to the ES Carnival

Article by: Grace S.

Every year, the PCA works tirelessly to plan and organize a school-wide event in which ISM students gather for an afternoon of fun, free of the usual pressure from tests, homework, extracurriculars, standardized testing, and more. What was once the International Family Fun Day (IFFD) has now evolved into the ES carnival. With high school’s endless list of clubs, sports, and organizations, and middle school’s parties and after school activities, the PCA has decided that it’s time for an elementary school function. In addition, the IFFD would usually take almost three years to plan and organize, consuming a lot of time and effort from our dedicated PCA members. This year the decision was made to scale down the event to a much more manageable size to resurface the sense of community that was sometimes lost in the chaos of shaving cream and jail time.

The most noticeable change in this year’s event was the refinement of the target audience. What used to be an event swamped with ISM students of all ages has been narrowed down to elementary school students. With some high school students still present to help run booths or advertise for their respective clubs and organizations, the event fostered an even balance between the older and younger generations of ISM. The PCA comments on how “the high schoolers really stepped up this year. It was a whole new idea for us and they just jumped on board.”

Furthermore, the new carnival theme keeps the event upbeat and fun, incorporating different booths where elementary school students can play games to win prizes, a bouncy castle, and even a surprise performance by Elsa and Hans! In previous years, high school students would take to the stage and blow the audience away with their performances, which would be followed by the Band-Aid concert. With the new, younger theme, Elsa and Hans’ performance of various Disney songs not only gave elementary school students the opportunity to sing and dance along to their favorite Disney princes and princesses, but also gave way for high school and middle school students to reminisce about when Ariel’s collection was complete and Mulan saved China. Nothing promotes community like coming together to sing Disney songs!

Without a doubt, the new ES carnival proved successful in its mission to bring together parents, teachers, and students for a day of fun and games. Every year the PCA works to plan and organize volunteers, booth managers, and food to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. Although different from its previous years, the event has always played a part in the character of the ISM community. With its new makeover, it looks like it will carry on that tradition for years to come.