The Art of Gift Giving

By Selina De Dios

Gift giving is an art form. There is so much thought that goes into selecting the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, and every year, as soon as you think you’ve found the right present, you doubt yourself. Now, it’s no secret that this whole process may bring about unnecessary stress and anxiety, on top of the number of things Bearcats already have to worry about during the Christmas season, so fear not, because this article is about to help you. Here are the Top 7 Christmas Gifts for everyone:

7) For the friend who lives to eat… Edible cookie dough from Milkman Dairy Bar.

Thank you, Milkman Dairy Bar, for giving us the gift of edible cookie dough. With a variety of flavors, this treat is sure to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Milkman Dairy Bar appears in various weekend markets such as the Gourmand in BGC, but if you can’t wait any longer, visit their Facebook page to find out how to order

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6) For your friend who is consumed by wanderlust… A scratch map from Quirks

Help your travel-loving friends document their travels in a cool and creative way, and give them a Scratch Map. These are printed maps that allow you to scratch away the surface, marking the places you’ve visited. These are available in Quirks, which is on the 5th floor of SM Aura.

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5) For your friend who is one with nature… A cactus.

Yes, you read that right. If your friend feels trapped by urban living, a cactus is the perfect gift for him or her. These low maintenance plants are perfect for those looking to decorate their room, or simply care for a living thing. Cacti can be found in Market Market on the ground floor.

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4) For your friend who can’t live without their phone… A phone case from Paragon Pieces.

Thanks to Paragon Pieces, which provides a variety of beautiful case designs, it’s easier than ever to  spice up your mobile device. Prices range from $10-$18 dollars, and orders can be placed on their website (

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3) For your sporty friend… A personalized “Never Stops” shirt from Nike

Who doesn’t love getting personalized gifts? If you have a friend who loves working out, consider buying him or her a personalized “Never Stops” shirt from Nike. Although it is fairly pricey compared to the other items on this list, its dri-fit material and unique design make the purchase worth it. You can have shirts customized in the Nike High Street branch.

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2) For your friend who is secretly an interior designer… Lanterns or hanging lights from Typo

Not only will these lanterns literally light up his life, but they will make the Christmas spirit last the whole year round. Lanterns and lights can be found in Typo, and they have stores in High Street and Greenbelt.

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1) For your friend who loves comfort… Christmas socks

Spread the festivities by incorporating Christmas into attire. With the Manila heat, Christmas sweaters aren’t practical, but Christmas socks are just as good, if not better. Socks are available in many clothing stores, but Topshop offers a wide variety.

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