New HS Principal?

By Daniel Jachim

As the philosopher Heraclitus wisely observed, the only constant we are guaranteed in a continually changing universe is just that: the inevitability of change. That nothing is immune to change has undoubtedly been emphasized here at ISM by recent developments in its upper administration. Current Principal William Brown is slated to move up and fill the vacant role of Assistant Superintendent for the next school year while the now vacant position of high school principal invited a veritable array of qualified candidates to campus to vie for the cherished position.

As a testament to the strong relationship between students and the administration at ISM, one significant aspect of the selection process involved students. Members of student government were invited to interview and share perspectives on the candidates. Two such students are junior Noah Ramos, the Public Relations Officer of ISSBA, and freshman David Zhang, President of the Freshman Council, who helped shed light on their involvement in the overall process.

Both described similar preparation for constructing questions to ask the candidates. Zhang explained that one of the most important challenges involved fairness. For instance, students had to bear in mind that questions pertaining specifically to the school and its recent events would lend candidates who were already members of the ISM faculty and administration an unfair advantage. Thus, great effort was invested in leveling the playing field for all candidates by constructing questions that could be reasonably answered regardless of prior experience with ISM.

According to Ramos, initially there was some concern amongst the students involved that their opinions would be overshadowed by the views of the leadership team and administrators. Fortunately, the reality was that the students’ input was effective, as Ramos believes that their opinions significantly influenced the final decision.

Summing up his experience, a reflective Zhang shared, “It started off really tense. But then as time went on, it stopped being an interview, and became a conversation.” If that is true, it seems to augur well for ISM: a principal capable of being both serious enough to do the job, but also relatable and entertaining enough to have a lasting impact.