Holiday Fitness

Article by: Josh M.

The 5th of January marked the day classes resumed in schools nationwide. The days of excessive eating and relaxation unfortunately came to an end for students, however the day was even more dreaded by ISM’s second season athletes, as it also likely marked much dreaded fitness tests with the return to varsity training. These varsity athletes are no exception to the allure of overeating and excessive resting over the holidays, but work that extra bit harder to maintain a healthy balance considering second-season IASAS kicks off only a few weeks after classes resume. It is therefore essential that athletes maintain their fitness over the holidays, to keep their competitive edge in light of the fast-approaching tournament. For Senior, and Rugby Varsity captain Mike K., motivation to keep fit came in the form of the thought that “in a team sport like rugby, everyone has to work hard for one another and to (him) the boys are like (his) brothers.” Despite already competing in his fourth year of varsity rugby, and being a returning All-Tournament player this year, Mike claims that what drives him is the prospect of a gold medal.

In order to ensure that their athletes stayed fit over the break, some coaches may have assigned holiday workouts for their players to follow. Varsity Basketball player and Junior, Trinity M. reveals that their “coaches didn’t give a set workout but instead encouraged the players to workout for at least four hours a week.” She feels that this was a much better arrangement because “it allowed the players to work on what they felt they really needed to improve on.”

Nevertheless, the break is a break, and time must be set aside for rest and relaxation. Junior and Varsity Tennis player Monika D. shares that she “kept a balance between working out and chilling by designating certain days for working out while saving the rest for enjoying the break.” Monika suggests that planning out a schedule ahead of time is beneficial as “planning anything last minute will make you want to skip actually doing anything.”

Although the thought of doing the beep test and fitness over the holidays is unpleasant to say the least, it may be all worth it when ISM’s athletes hopefully have medals hanging around their necks come end of January!