The Force Awakens

Article by: Zaineen karim

Iconic music, scrolling yellow text, stormtroopers, the Millennium Falcon, lightsaber fights, and Chewbacca’s beguiling face all made a comeback in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Millions of fans were both skeptical and thrilled when the new movie was announced and fortunately, they weren’t disappointed. In fact, it can be said that the new movie ewok-ed their worlds.

Many fans were disappointed by the prequel trilogy and doubtful when Disney bought Lucasfilm Limited for an astounding USD 4 billion. “Disney usually makes clichéd love stories and musicals, so I wasn’t expecting much from the new movie,” explains Kelly M., a junior and a Star Wars enthusiast. “However, the film absolutely exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed it.”

J.J. Abrams almost turned down the opportunity to direct The Force Awakens because of all the pressure that comes with a project of such cultural significance. However, congratulations (or should I say congraCHEWlations) are in order as the movie was a big hit and broke the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time.

Abrams tried to stay as true to the plot as possible, bringing back the main cast from the original trilogy. In fact BB-8, the newest droid in the franchise, is based on an initial design for R2-D2. When the original trilogy was made, the technology to make a spherical robot didn’t exist, so Abrams revisited the designs and hence BB-8 was born.

According to Ms. Thompson, a Star Wars fanatic, “My only critique of it is that perhaps it stayed too true to the franchise. I think the screenwriters could have been a little more creative because there were so many parallels to the first movie. But, as a Star Wars lover, that was really fun to see and I was happy with that.”

“My favorite thing about the movie was seeing all these characters I grew up with and loved.  Star Wars was my childhood. Seeing Chewie again, when R2-D2 came to life and did his little dance, and seeing Princess Leia and Han Solo – who’s always been my favorite, I’m a huge Harrison Ford fan – seeing them and the new generation of jedi made me really happy,” she includes.

“I think what was really powerful about it, even more than the stories and the special effects, was that you got to see a female action hero. You got to see a girl and a black man holding a lightsaber when it’s typically been white guys and aliens. I thought that was transformative and really awesome,” explains Alex London, ISM’s visiting author and Star Wars fan.

This movie has created a whole new Star Wars craze and the franchise has made lots of new fans. So those who are unfamiliar with the story might want to start binge watching. May the force be with you!