Always: Remembering Alan Rickman

By: Samantha Borja

Always? Always.”

With only these two words, Professor Severus Snape went from a conniving teacher to the most tragic of heroes.

Alan Rickman, the actor behind Snape, became widely known for this character and his epitomization of what every Potterhead had imagined for such a complex figure.

On January 14th, however, Alan Rickman lost his fight against cancer at age 69. Though his time with us may be over, rest assured that Alan Rickman’s legacy will always be remembered. Even if we may never disassociate Professor Snape with the voice and face of Alan Rickman, we must not fail to recognize Rickman’s other film endeavours and achievements. Here are some of his greatest moments:

  1. Rickman as Hans Gruber, Die Hard
    Many people may not even remember Rickman’s early popular appearance as terrorist Hans Gruber from the 1988 production of Die Hard. This role indicated Rickman’s fondness for playing elaborate antagonists.

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  2. His heartbreaking role as Harry from Love Actually
    In one of the most heart-wrenching side stories in the movie, we watched as his character slowly drifted apart from his wife and family, and fell in love with his much younger secretary. Not all love stories have happy endings.


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  3. His appearance as Antoine Richis, in Perfume
    As the book and film are studied rigorously by IB Literature students, it was a joy watching Rickman appear in the film as Richis and hearing a large outcry of “SNAPE!” from everyone in the room. Richis’ daughter becomes the final victim in a murderer’s killing spree to create the perfect scent. Alas, the trend of tragic characters continues.

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  4. Alan Rickman’s truly epic on-set prank on Daniel Radcliffe
    While filming the third Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Daniel Radcliffe had requested that he be near some girls he particularly liked. Rickman on the other hand, decided to team up with Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) to play a classy fart prank.

  5. Alan Rickman’s unforgettable role as Snape in Harry Potter
    This may be his most famous role: there is really no one else any Potterhead could have imagined as Professor Snape than Alan Rickman.

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  6. His Gut-Wrenching Farewell Letter to the Harry Potter World
    “It is an ancient need to be told stories. But the story needs a great story teller.”

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Thank you for everything, Alan Rickman. You have left a legacy that will always remain.

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