Written by: Anu Babuji

On the morning of Christmas, I was woken by the sounds of my neighbors screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs. As I looked out, I saw each of them on a hoverboard. The number of hoverboard owners at ISM seems to grow by the day, but are they really worth the hype? Hoverboards can be described as motorized self-balancing scooters and come in two main types:  one without bluetooth speakers and one with bluetooth speakers. These contraptions do not actually ‘hover’ above the ground, but rather, create a similar sensation for the rider. Being just a board with two large wheels on each end, the motion-sensitive board requires some balance. Even though they are not manufactured for everyday uses such as transportation to work, some still tend to use these hoverboards for heavy duty purposes. Most, however, use it during times of relaxation to lazily cruise to areas of small distances such as a kitchen or bedroom. These hoverboards are also prevalent amongst many celebrities such as Justin Bieber, who even has a segway dance cover made after his song “What do you mean?”.

Regardless of how worldly these hoverboards have become, how do Bearcats really feel about them? Why do they use them and do they see any potential flaws in them? Senior Nico T. was given a segway as a Christmas gift. He seems to like his hoverboard because “it’s fun,” and he claims that a “hoverboard is a hoverboard,” ultimately implying that the many perks of this contraption are rather self-explanatory. However, Nico states that “[hoverboards] shouldn’t be used for daily functions” such as “getting to work” or “travelling” since “the mass production quality [isn’t] ready to take on heavy duty performance as of yet.” On the other hand, senior Sophia D. said that she loves her hoverboard because “[she doesn’t] have to walk to the kitchen anymore when [she] wants food.” Her family has a total of two hoverboards, both of them Christmas presents from her parents. In contrast to Nico, Sophia thinks that “If [her hoverboard] had a sitting function, it would be pretty cool” and she hopes that her “hoverboard doesn’t blow up” like many others have.

Overall, both agreed that hoverboards are enjoyable even though they may have a few drawbacks. These contraptions give us a small snapshot of what our future could look like and gives us incentive to create more revolutionary technology.