Article by: Ahona Salsabil

Netflix has been around for a while, but sadly, the service was never available in the Philippines- until now. With Netflix’s recent global expansion, the process of binge-watching the latest TV shows and movies has just became a whole lot easier.

In the span of one day, the Netflix service became available to nearly every country of the world, save for China. In addition to becoming live in 130 new countries, the company also plans to add many new languages to its site such as Swahili, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Filipino. Netflix promotes the general idea of the Internet as a service that is open for all, and this idea has definitely taken hold.

What was the company’s motivation behind the sudden yet ambitious global expansion? According to an interview with Netflix Chief Executive, Reed Hastings, in the Los Angeles Times: “When we started Netflix nearly 20 years ago, we dreamed of the day when the Internet would enable us to deliver TV shows and movies to the billions of people with whom we share the planet,” Hastings told the crowd during his keynote address. “Today, right now, you are witnessing the birth of a global TV network.” By the end of 2016, the company hopes to be fully global and plans to accelerate its expansion and operate in 200 countries.

“It’s been a long time coming. It’s always annoying how a lot of American streaming sites are only allowed in America. So I think from the perspective of the consumer like me, it’s actually a pretty good deal because you get a lot of great content. And in the Philippines, you can stream shows if you have a fast internet connection,” explains Mr. Collett, an avid user of Netflix. “I think streaming is going to take over a lot of what might be considered one of the unethical practices of watching videos the way people do these days,” he adds. “In terms of Netflix itself, I think [the expansion] was a really smart move because they’re going to make lots more money by being able to syndicate their content worldwide.”

From the perspective of a student, junior and Netflix enthusiast Anne S. jokes, “I can get to binge-watch everything that I want. It’s sadly my obsession now, along with homework.”

Elise M., also a junior, includes, “I don’t have to use a VPN!”

As of now, Netflix’s decision to become more international continues to receive positive feedback from people all across the globe. So stay “chill” and and avail yourself of the Netflix service soon!

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