Second Season IASAS Recap

Article by: Abhi K.

Photos compiled by: Jiyoon Kang

With achievements truly to be proud of in every sport, this year’s second season was one of the Bearcats’ most successful seasons.

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One star of the boys swim team, Dias K., had an extremely solid performance in IASAS over in Singapore. He medaled silver for 100-meter backstroke and got two bronze medals, one of which was for the 800-meter freestyle. He states, “Medaling at an event such as IASAS is an amazing feeling. Going through the tunnel, hearing people cheer for you and being cheered on by your teammates is unforgettable”. In addition, the boys relay team placed silver for the 4 x 50-meter freestyle event. The girls swim team was equally successful as Maia N. broke school records for 200-meter breaststroke and 100-meter breaststroke. She also went on to win the bronze medal in the 200-meter breaststroke IASAS event. Gabbie E. broke school records including the 50-meter butterfly and 100-meter backstroke records. Furthermore, two girls relay teams broke school records for relay events.

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In basketball, the girls showed great skills throughout the tournament, making them the team to beat. They reached the finals but unfortunately lost to SAS by only 2 points in overtime. Regardless, they won an impressive silver medal. The boys team also played well and while they had a rough time in the round robin, they came back by winning their final game.

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The tennis teams performed remarkably as well! The girls tennis team won their sixth gold medal in a row. The boys also played extremely well,  placing second overall. Captain Stefan S. impressively capped off his IASAS tennis career with a 24-0 streak, having never lost a match in 4 years of IASAS tennis. When asked if the idea of the streak ever came to mind, he responded, “Going into IASAS this year I never really thought about the streak; in fact, I was not even too sure of how much we had won. The only thing I was thinking about was to focus on each and every game. In my experience, winning came one game at a time”.

ISM Boys RugbyISM Girls Touch(Photos by Matthew S.)

Touch and rugby, which was hosted at home, was one for the history books. The touch girls had a superb IASAS and showed their strength as a team throughout the round robin, securing their spot in the finals. In the final against ISKL, the 0-0 tie forced the game to go into overtime called a “drop-off”. Every two minutes, one player was removed off the pitch from each team. As the drop-off went to 3v3, the winning touchdown was scored by senior Ysabel A., assisted by Rina P., and Ayaka S, leading the ISM touch girls to win gold for the second year in a row. To add to the Bearcat success, IASAS history was made as the ISM boys rugby team won the gold medal for the first time ever.In a nail biting final against ISKL, which went into third overtime, Kemueli N. eventually scored the winning try. With a solid team performance, the rugby boys etched their names into the history books.

All in all, it was an IASAS season to remember and we only wish for the same for our third season athletes!