How to Win: Being a Yoga Mom

By: Anugraha Babuji

Have you ever been to a yoga class or cycling class where you have NOT encountered a Yoga mom? Yoga moms are motherly figures who are constantly in the pursuit of being fit and possess more lululemon merchandise than you would ever own in your lifetime. These yoga moms can often be found performing impressive poses with their babies in Instagram or Facebook pictures. Most of us try to prioritize fitness in our lives either to slim down into that dress or not feel so horrible with every flight of stairs, but we often complain that we don’t have enough time. Yoga Moms, however, are generally full-time mothers and have much more responsibilities than we do as students, such as caring for their children and doing all the house chores. So how do they do it? What qualities does one need to possess to capture the #YogaMom vibe?

1. Affection for Children (in photos)

764a7398be64abf9_15b003268f8811e390dd127b467bd7bf_8-xxxlargeSource: Pop Sugar

Of course, being a Yoga Mom entails actually having a child already or carrying one (sorry boys). In addition to having a child, most Yoga moms ritually post pictures of their workouts and Yoga poses with their children or child. Often, these extravagant pictures entail handstands or headstands with children below copying the pose or showing lots of affection through hugs and kisses.

2. Workout Apparel

lululemon-yoga-outdooryoga-2889502-oSource: Greath Gallery

Whether it be high end Lululemon yoga pants to Sunday night market sports bras, workout apparel may possibly be the single most important characteristic of a Yoga mom. These pieces of figure-hugging clothing are used to feel comfortable during the pursuit of exercise whether it be doing Yoga or rigorous cardio training in the gym. Comfortable yet stylish is one of the main identifiers for a Yoga mom and is something every gym-buff strives for.

3. Healthy Food Intake

3568964_wideSource: Baby Centre

Some may wonder: how do Yoga moms have enough energy to last those brutal cycle sessions? Healthy eating of course! Equipped with to-go meals and morning yogurt shakes, Yoga moms are inspiringly committed to healthy living. While like the rest of us, they may be conscious of their figure, their meals are often composed mainly of fruits and vegetable to tone their bodies as well as give them enough energy to power through their days.

3. Sports equipment at the back of the car

car-locker-room-1024x768Source: Cashmere Miles’s Blog

If not for the school bags or afternoon snacks for their hungry children after school, Yoga moms’ trunks often house an array of workout related equipment. From Yoga mats, to extra duffle bags, to various types of sports shoes, Yoga moms always prepare themselves for their day’s work and for situations where there is a sudden change in their workout plans.

4. Calm, Composed, and Cheerful

happy_woman-282153133_stdSource: Happy and Healthy Mom

Have you ever seen a Yoga mom in a state of distress or looking disheveled? The answer will most probably be no. Because of all the yoga and exercises that Yoga moms engage in, they are able to lead a calm and healthy life—and to make it look easy too! Even with rowdy children to constantly worry about, Yoga moms are often calm and tend to every situation with great composure. These women seem to have the secret to success, and these steps are only a peep into what they’re like. Regardless of being a mother or not, these principles are certainly a path to a healthier life!