ISM: Home of the Hopeless Romantics

By Selina De Dios

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the lovebirds of ISM are quickly and eagerly anticipating a romantic date night with their significant other. While long time couples have gone on numerous dates, compared to those who have just started their relationship, it is almost certain that they have all experienced the dreaded, yet exciting first date.

Juniors Sofie J. and Lukas F. who have been dating for a year, recall the memories of the unforgettable event. They had chosen to eat at 8cuts, which Sofie had been excited about because “before they started dating [they] lived off Polo Club food.” Unfortunately, during the date she had managed to spill her milkshake all over herself. Lukas said that “he probably should have helped her clean up, but [he] kinda froze and didn’t know what to do.” Despite that, they still laugh about it to this day, and when asked if they would change anything, Sofie quickly answered that she’d “probably stick to water,” while Lukas simply said, “he would have eaten in Polo Club.”

Sophomore couple, Harper S. and Claire S., had already been dating 6 month before going on their first date. Harper felt “really really really really nervous,” about the night he had planned. They had gone to Polo Club where Harper had prepared a picnic for them. He brought candles and marshmallows, but Claire was afraid that the blanket and grass would catch on fire so they ended up just looking at the sky. Despite the nerves, and things not going to plan, Harper was still feeling “calm and relaxed with her,” as Claire adds that, “just being there with him was really all [she] could have asked for.”

Liana L. recalls that Keith Y. was an hour late for their date, however, he “brought her macaroons, which made up for it.” After their Japanese dinner, they went to his house to play a videogame that Keith specifically chose because he knew that she was “into scary stuff.” Liana says that it was a memorable and funny night because, “while they were playing, three of his yayas entered the room with the most random and fancy foods like grapes, caviar and cheese. It wasn’t even on a regular tray…. it was on a push cart.” With Liana impressed, Keith “had a good time because as long as she was having fun, [he] was having fun as well.”

Regardless of the experiences of these different couples, they all share a common thread. It didn’t matter what they did, or where they went, all that mattered was the fact that they were with the ones they truly cared about.