How to Exercise (Without Really Exercising)

By Samantha Borja

With the new year comes the usual trend of fitness and working out. However, it seems this fad has outlived its ‘new year’s resolution’ frenzy, and it looks like this new craze is here to stay.

Gym selfies have flooded Instagram feeds, every sports season is attended by many hopeful athletes, and even ISM’s own gyms are packed. Though we all know that exercise is good for us, it is not always ideal for some. Memories of beep tests and mile runs become traumatic flashbacks from early PE requirements. To many people, PE and exercise have never seemed appealing, and thus may have caused them to drop sports altogether. However, exercise provides us with numerous benefits and allows us to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. So to keep you up and exercising, here is a list of ways to ‘exercise, without really exercising.’

1. Grab a group of friends and sign up for a class!

Whether it be yoga, zumba, or a session at Electric Studio, exercising can be fun and innovative if you bring the right people. You can listen to great music whilst breaking a sweat, and it won’t even feel like exercise.


2. Have a pet? Walk him/her.

This is a great way to exercise, get a breath of fresh air, and spend some time with your pet.


3. Download a workout App.

Downloading just a single application on your phone, such as ‘7 Minute Workout’, can make all the difference. It allows you to set little goals for yourself and gives you a full-body workout lasting – you guessed it – only 7 minutes. It adjusts to your improvements, making sure to continue challenging you as you go along. This truly is the epitome of a short term pain for a long term gain.




4. Walk places.

If you live in an area that permits this such as gated neighborhoods or cosmopolitan cities then walking to your destinations is ideal. It allows you to be outside and enhance your navigation skills, and gives you a boost of endorphins as well.



5. Bike!


Just like in the previous suggestion, biking to places that are nearby (or even far away, for a challenge) would be exceedingly helpful. You can familiarize yourself with your surroundings, bike over to your friends’ houses, and make it an enjoyable time for all.


Though the usual “Insanity” workout videos do seem daunting, hopefully this list of alternatives will make exercise more enjoyable, accessible, and frequent – without you even realizing it.